2018 Concrete Excellence Awards – “Industrial/Commercial Between $1-5 Million” “Paving”

2018 MCA Excellence Awards | Treasure State Inc. | Belgrade, MT


Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport Apron
This project required the placement of more than 2,150 cubic yards of concrete within the 16” thick apron with 20” thickened edges. More challenging is that most of the work had to be completed outside of the prime construction season due to the emphasis of tourism to the Gallatin Valley. Thus, the team planned the apron concrete to spread over eight concrete pave days with each phase having its own 45-calendar day duration even though the scope could have been completed in 45 days. The 25-foot-wide concrete pave strips were slip-formed with our mmGPS stringless concrete paver that read a complex surface model that incorporated a valley gutter 3/4 the length and 1/2 the width of the 730 lf, 50 ft wide apron. The valley was installed in real time with the help of a mmGPS rover that signaled the machine operator when to mechanically bend the screed to match the flowline slope. Installing the concrete apron while allowing flights to taxi around the project work area provided a level of complexity that one doesn’t experience in an ordinary concrete paving jobs as we had to yield construction activities to the large commercial jets. The team wildly exceeded client expectations by turning over the project a month ahead of time.
Bozeman Airport | 2018 Paving Project | Treasure State Inc. | Belgrade, MT

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